Benefits of Soundscape Experiences

“Sound healing has been widely used throughout the world for thousands of years. It’s a form of vibrational medicine that helps to balance all aspects of your being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

When you’re out of balance, that’s when aches, pains, illness and disease happens. So by fine tuning your system with sounds we can restore balance and activate your body’s natural healing mechanisms.”

– Tony Nec, Sound Healing Academy

  • Induces deep relaxation, self healing, and peace

  • Supports and balances autonomic nervous system

  • Clears blockages, stuck energy — detoxifies

  • Activates new patterns of harmony and well-being

  • Releases old unhealthy patterns and tensions

  • Reduces and alleviates pains

  • Gives relief from stress, worry, and anxiety

  • Increases energy, vitality, and creativity

What is a SoundScape Experience Like?

A SoundScape is an intentional, meditative, and participatory “concert” which includes: gentle body movements, guided meditation, the relaxing vibrations of Tibetan and Crystal bowls, gongs, and other sound healing instruments. Each SoundScape experience is different and unique with the intention to always bring a sense of calm, peace and healing to the participants.

Immersing ourselves in “Surround Sounds” not only has a relaxing and restorative aspect to it, there are also significant benefits for the physical body, including our nervous system, our cells, our molecules, and even our DNA.  In addition, intentional sound can help harmonize and support our 7 energy centers (chakras) positively affect the biofield surrounding our body.

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“Soundscapes Tulsa has been a unique and transformative practice for me.  The attention to detail and comforting guidance of Amy Hamilton makes each session a wonderful and centering experience”

- Silas E.

The Soundscapes experience is truly a healing journey into inner peace and rejuvenation.  Amy Hamilton is a gifted sound healer creating a most sacred space for nourishing the mind, body and soul.

-Dr. Sherrill Sellman, Naturopath & author

I came with no expectations to the Soundscape. I left with a miraculous state of calm. My mind was completely settled and everything in my body felt slowed down to a righteous pace.
I would attend this several times a month if it was available. Highly, Highly recommended.”

— Di Burrup, Musician and Songwriter

Upcoming SoundScape Events

AeroZen Soundscape

November 23 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


Enjoy the soothing experience of a personalized SoundScape.

Private Sound Sessions include benefits such as: relaxation, stress reduction, mindfulness, centering, wellness and peacefulness.